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TL;DR: I’m moving my blog. Check it out here: Educated Opinions

At the end of every year, I do a careful statistical analysis of my blog, complete with pretty graph and an in-depth cost-benefit analysis, and come to a conclusion as to whether I’m writing posts fast enough, whether I’m getting enough views (AND AD REVENUE), whether I’m SEO-ing enough (like all those spam comments keep suggesting) and all in all, whether I should 1) keep blogging, 2) keep blogging on another site , or 3) stop blogging altogether. Once I’ve made my decision, I start off the new year following up with my new plans. For the past two years, I’ve alternated between option 2 and 1. This means that it’s time to change domains once again!

Now ignore everything I just said. None of that is true. However I have¬†decided to move my blog to, because I’ve had a lack of focus in my writing, and afois isn’t really a creative title. Back when it was afanofideas, maybe, (ugh, why did I ever come up with that title) but after my crisis at the end of NaBloPoMo, I’ve decided to start over again.

All my old posts and comments should be there, but not the followers or views.

*sheds single tear *

Ok, that’s enough. Go check out Educated Opinions


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